We’re a small team who deliver cost effective, results driven solutions. We don’t believe in hard selling, rest assured, you can tell us exactly what you want and we will deliver exactly that. We offer a personalised service to our clients, we listen, we advise and most importantly we create.

Website Design


There are various stages to website creation and one of the most important one is your POA (plan of action). Where do you want to be in 5 years time? Your website needs to be built with this in mind. It’s pointless creating a website only to have to rebuild it all again in a couple of years because you’ve decided you’d like to add an online shop. Let us help you plan for the future and create a website that can grow with your business.


So your website looked great 10 years ago but it's looking more and more tired as the year’s tick on? This is not unusual, after all, website design moves forward at a fast pace and we get left behind if we don’t adapt. This is where Website Upgrade comes in. We can give your website a facelift and bring it back up to scratch.


Every website we create includes an admin panel, this is to try and avoid the ongoing charges from a website company if you require any change in future. But, obviously we are here to help you if and when you need us to!

Search Engine Optimization


Every business needs to invest in search engine optimization. Let’s face it, what’s the point in paying for an awesome looking website if no one visits? Your right, there is no point! Once you have your SEO dialled, you're on the right tracks to a more successful business.

Your customers are using search engines daily, there are millions of opportunities for your business to become found on search engines.

Quality Web Traffic

Quality web traffic: Traffic through search engines is the best traffic you can get. Why? Because people are actually searching for the problem you solve.

Increase sales and leads

SEO is not a myth. Good SEO will increase your leads and sales if you offer a viable product or service.

Social Media


Everyone everywhere is on some form of social media nowadays. When we say everyone we mean over 3 billion people worldwide! So, great, you have a platform! BUT are you targeting your audience properly?

Website Upgrade provide a management service to ensure the content you put out on the world wide web is clear, concise and engaging.

Content Creation

Engaging with your audience on social media is vital, there’s no two ways about it. You can achieve so much more with an active platform than you can without. We will create the content for your social pages, engage with your followers, answer any queries sent in and forward any potential leads straight to your inbox.

Work Process


Initial Planning

The first order of business is to sit down with your team and create a detailed set of design and technical specifications. These specifications serve as a roadmap for the rest of the web design process.



At the same time, we will kick off the technical side of the web design process. This will include creating your website theme and page designs, building applications and integrations.



Once our writers, designers, and developers have finished their work, our Quality Assurance team will get to work testing your site's performance and reliability. We will ensure that the site we launch works and is fit for purpose.


Deployment & Optimisation

Once we're sure that your site is ready to be released to the public, we'll deploy it on your public domain. Then, we will shift into a monthly support process that will continue for 12 months. During that period, we will create monthly backups of your site, update scripts and plugins to maintain security and reliability, and perform layout and content updates at your request.